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Screen shot from ToWe Project Job Shadowing event film

ToWe Project Job Shadowing event makes Spanish TV

Team at Transnational Meeting 3

Transnational Meeting 3

After battling freezing fog, flight delays, diversions and cancellations the team made it to the University of Stavanger for their third project meeting.  This meeting reviewed the progress of the project to date, the impact of the project and planned for the next phase, the Job Shadowing.  The dates of the job shadowing where confirmed, […]

Transnational Meeting 2

Transnational Meeting 2

9th June – 10th June 2016 at Kingston University, London. The ToWe Project met for their second meeting to discuss the progress of the project so far. The Setting Partners feedback on how they have been working with the materials presented at the Contextualisation of Wellbeing Training Event. It was felt to be a successful meeting with plans made for the Focus Group Interviews and the next Transnational Meeting 3 being held in Stavanger.


ToWe team working on the impact of the project to date

Transnational Meetings

Contextualisation of Toddler Wellbeing Training

The updated TODDLER Project materials will provide a starting point for this event and is an opportunities for the EYPs from the Setting Partners to explore the context of wellbeing and the projects content and materials. It provides EYPs with the opportunity to create a reflective dialogue which will continue through the use of the discussion board and Job Shadowing.

Job Shadowing

Between March – May 2017

The job shadowing will be between Achieving for Children, Sandnes Kommune (Sandvedhaugen Barnhage), Petita Escola and Suara Serveis (Mas Balmanya) taking place between March and May 2017 with early years practitioners from each setting visiting each other for 5 days.

Read the Job shadowing aims

The Job Shadowing is happening in:

ToWe International Trainers’ Workshops

This international training event is for early years lecturers, trainers, researchers, policy makers. The University Partners will outline the project process and materials produced with presentations on Toddlers’ Wellbeing , Toddlers’ Voice and Expressions, Toddlers’ Meal Times, Toddlers’ Additional Language(s) and Case Study Impact Report of ToWe. EYPs from the Setting Partners with be sharing their experiences, reflections and outcomes.

ToWe Local Practitioner Workshop

Between September 2017—February 2018

Held by:

  1. Achieving for Children
  2. Sandnes Kommune
  3. Universitat Ramon Llull

These events will present the projects materials and Early Years Practitioners experiences of the Toddlers’ Wellbeing , Toddlers’ Voice and Expressions, Toddlers’ Meal Times and Toddlers’ Additional Language(s).