Training Materials

Intellectual Outputs

1. Translated and updated TODDLER materials

Selected materials from the TODDLER project have been updated and translated into Norwegian and Catalan for use on the ToWe project. The majority of these updated materials are embedded into the ToWe Project materials.


2. Website

The website has been designed to house all the materials on the ToWe project and provide information about the project and events.


3. Toddlers’ Wellbeing

A manual will support Early Years Practitioners (EYPs) knowledge and understanding of wellbeing relating to the dimensions of wellbeing, literature, theory and the international and national political agendas in England, Norway and Spain. An audit will help EYPs evaluate their provision by identifying their areas of strengths and areas for development. Through this an action plan can be created by EYPs who can select strategies from a suite of strategies, created by the setting partners, which will provide them with guidance on how to enhance the wellbeing of disadvantaged toddlers’.

4. Toddlers' Voice and Expressions

EYPs will become familiar with the theories around young children’s modes of communication and interaction. They will learn how to observe toddlers’ diverse modes of expression and reflect upon this with their colleagues with the content focuses on toddlers’ rights to freedom of expression, mode of communication with people and objects in the environment and play and playful interaction. EYPs will be able to interpret toddlers’ action and expressions exploring their role and provision in supporting toddlers.

5. Toddlers' Meal Times

The content will focus on the communication between adults and tod-dlers, among toddlers themselves, looking at toddlers’ chances to participate and the space and materials at meal times. Documentation and observation of toddlers’ communication, autonomy and physical aspects and materials will be explored with the development of an audit tool to support EYPs in evaluating their current practice assessing the educational quality during meal times.

6. Toddlers' Additional Language

The content will focus on actively respecting linguistic identities, promot-ing toddlers’ confidence, fostering communication – verbal and non-verbal, toddlers’ participation and the improving the settings atmosphere and EYPs role in identifying resources for working with additional language(s). Documentation and observation of toddlers’ use and reaction to the use of additional languages will be explored with the development of an audit tool to support EYPs in evaluating their current practice.

7. Case Study Impact Report of ToWe

This impact study will explore the impact of the ToWe project upon the EYPs in relation to their practice in supporting disadvantaged toddlers’. The methodological framework for this will be a Case Study exploring the impact of the project on the EYPs from the setting partners.